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What is Tuberous Sclerosis?

Tuberous Sclerosis is a genetic disorder that causes benign tumors on various organs, including the brain, kidneys, heart, skin and lungs. Seizures also occur in some people with TSC, as does mental retardation.

Tuberous Sclerosis And My Family

There is a very strong occurance of Tuberous Sclerosis (TSC) in my family.

You can read about how my family is affected here.
Update 5/7/97 with story of my kidney tumor bleed
Update 11/19/99 with cluster seizure story
Update 12/8/99 with cluster seizure story - Part 2
Update 7/29/00 with Jen's graduation/trasition to 'real life'
Update 7/16/02 with boring everyday stuff :-)
Update 10/17/02 with seizure report for Lisa
Update 9/5/04 with a basic update for Lisa and Jen
Update 12/19/06 with an 'it's been a while' update
Update 10/5/07 with Jen's upcoming brain surgery

View my CT scans here!
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View my Renal Ultrasound (2001)

A Word Of Thanks

I would like to say thank you for all the wonderful messages you all have sent me over the years! I read each and every one and sometimes get teary-eyed reading them... but I love them all. I'm so happy to be able to make a difference in some of your lives... you have done the same for me just by writing. Thank you!

Photo Album and Laser Surgery Page

Our photo album - Come see Jen, Pat, Aura, Jas, Dutchess, Fluff, Lulu, Miss Moo, and me!

My Laser Surgery experience - Before and after photos of my laser surgery.

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